4 Types Of Portable Advertising Signs For Events

Custom made signage Sydney is using the most reliable and relevant medias for your particular project. Sponsoring community events or having tradeshow displays is an essential part of most business marketing strategy. Choosing the right types of business signs to promote your business will ensure you make the most of the opportunity.

Firstly it is important to consider what kind of events you participate in throughout the year – if planned well you can have a set of signs created that will serve you throughout all of these events, saving you time and money in the process.

Here are explanations of the four most common types of event signs.


Banners are very popular for events signs. They can be used indoors or outside as a great way of getting instant attention. When you commission banners, you should talk to your graphic designer about your needs, whether you should opt for a large or small banner and what format it should have. Banners need to have a backdrop against which they can be fixed as it is difficult for them to stand alone. Because illuminated signs are generally not a good option for events, choosing a banner is most popular.


Like banners, posters can come in a variety of formats and sizes. However, the material of a poster is thinner than a banner and it is harder to store and keep in top shape. Posters are best fixed against a solid wall to ensure they stay intact. When using posters outside, you should also be aware of the weather, as rain and wind can damage your poster.

A Frame Signs

A-Frame signs are an easily portable form of advertising that can provide direction to your premises, advertise products or services, or provide general information. A Frame signs are compact, and can be easily packed an unpacked, or stored as required. However, they are heavier than the other options introduced in this article, which should be considered when making your decision.


Flags are a great, creative way to get attention. They are especially popular for events and can be used both indoor and outdoor advertising. You can use several different types of flags in different colours, materials and sizes to mark separate areas. However, you should maintain a level of consistency so that people can identify that these signs belong together. For example, using the same logo with differing background colours.

When deciding on the best options for your event signs, talk to your graphic designer or sign writer. Ideally your signage design should be as timeless as possible, therefore allowing you to re-use the same portable signs for multiple events. It should also fit in with your branding and advertising guidelines. Lastly you would need to consider your logistics for the event where the signs are needed.